Tract Ministry

Many people have told me they were saved by a Gospel tract. My wife, Cathy, was saved through a tract. Every Sunday evening service, we have people raise their hands and report how many tracts they passed out during that week. We total the night's report and rejoice together at what great things God has done!

Since the beginning of the tract ministry church wide, Gospel folks have passed out over 2 million tracts. Our folks pass them out on vacations, which turns them into "mission trips", and goes to places internationally to every corner of the USA it seems.

Last year, we passed out over 150,000 Gospel tracts, had two people tell us they came to Christ directly through this ministry, and saw more attend services from this form of contact. Since I was 17 years old, I have had a burden to pass out Gospel tracts. As a result, tens of thousands of people have had a chance to read the Gospel at least once over the past 44 years. Come join us!

Bill Lytell, Senior Pastor