When we consider visiting someone, we tend to think of dropping in to say hello, or catching up on the latest news, or just finding out how someone is. Our ideas of visiting often boil down to making a brief appearance or exchanging a few words.

The concept of visitation in the Bible is much more full and rich than our concept of “dropping by.” To visit implies that one wishes to show concern and interest in another person.

The word “visit” is found in Psalm 8:4, where the wonder of a mighty God caring for insignificant man is discussed. In Matthew 25:36, visiting seems to imply caring for the needs of someone who is unable to care for himself. This idea is further elaborated in James 1:27, where doing what God commands is seen in terms of being like a father to the orphan, and a husband to a bereft wife.

Visitation implies deep commitment evidenced in a practical demonstration of Christ’s love. Love for Christ is our supreme motivation for visitation.