Youth Detention Ministry

In the Spring of 2008, Brother Ralph Stevens of Victory for Troubled Youth Ministry came by Gospel Baptist Church. He asked if I was interested in starting a Detention Center Ministry for the teens at the Collier County Detention Center. At first I was a bit hesitant because I wasn’t sure we would be allowed into the Center and I questioned how much freedom we would have to share the Gospel.

The first night that Brother Stevens and I went to the Center, I had the opportunity to lead seven young men to Christ. I was hooked! We had total freedom to preach the Word of God as we were led by the Holy Spirit. The superintendents and guards of the facility are behind what we doing there and two of them have visited our church.

God has certainly blessed this ministry. Each week a team of ladies visit the teen girls and a team of men visit the teen boys. Pray that this effectual door to teens lost in sin will stay open for many years.

Pastor Marty Moon

Youth Detention Ministry Worker Testimony

“I have been blessed so greatly by being allowed to work at the Collier Juvenile Detention Center these past five months. Never in my life could I imagine God blessing me in a way that is beyond words. Pastor Marty and I have witnessed nearly two hundred, yes 200, young men come to know the saving grace of our Lord. I personally have been blessed in leading over 100 young men to Christ. Many have asked me, “Do you think it is real?” All we can say is it takes courage for these young men, some tattooed more than you can imagine, to walk up to the front of the classroom and pray to accept Christ.”

“Pastor Moon and I have only observed two saved inmates re-enter the center. In the past, some had been back four or five times. I encourage any of our men who have always desired to lead others to the Lord to come and let the Lord bless you beyond imagination.”

Brother Frank DeMario

For more information on our youth detention center ministry, please call the church office.