Why Gospel Baptist Church Supports Missions

We believe in global missions at Gospel Baptist Church. We agree with God that He loves the world and wants every person to have an opportunity to respond to the Gospel. Missions support is a promise made to God to give as He provides, a certain amount of money over a specific time period. It requires faith because we are trusting God to provide these funds in various ways, often unknown to us. We believe that God’s resources are unlimited and that He wants to provide the money needed for global missions which He has chosen to conduct through His local, visible Church. Therefore, it is giving, not only from one’s own resources, but from the resources provided by God. It is giving not only from what one has, but from what one does not have . . . YET. It is not simply what you think you can do, but rather what you believe God can do. Giving to God’s work requires us to agree with God that all people, groups and nations of the world, must believe on Jesus Christ to be saved.

Missions support is a voluntary commitment to God. It is a commitment unto God to financially support world-wide missions through the local church. From the very start, we know there is a cost involved in fulfilling the Great Commission of “preach the Gospel to every creature.” Supporting world-wide missions allows God to use us in a spiritual journey.