Pastor Bill Lytell
B.A., M.A., D. Div.

Senior Pastor Bill Lytell

Senior Pastor, Gospel Baptist Church
Administrator, Gospel Baptist Christian School

Pastor Bill attended Bob Jones University from 1970–1977 and received his Bachelor of Arts degree. In 1981, he received his Master of Arts degree in Bible Exposition from Pensacola Christian College.

In 1976, he was ordained into the Gospel Ministry through Community Baptist Church in Fort Myers, Florida. Pastor Bill served as a Dean of Men, with a small Bible Institute, as an Assistant Pastor for over 13 years under two godly men. He has been serving as the Senior Pastor of Gospel Baptist since 1992. Bill and his wife, Cathy, have been married for over 45 wonderful years and have one son and three grandchildren.

Pastor Bill is a friend of the down and out. He has a deep compassion for sinners who are looking for an answer to life's most asked question, "Where will I spend eternity?" His preaching is unafraid and absolutely honest. He cuts through the chase, found in so many sermons, and attempts to peel away every layer of the fake and false. Some have said that his sermons will “knock your socks off.”

Come and prepare to hear truth that will stretch, challenge, and shake you toward heaven.

Pastor Bill Lytell, Senior Pastor

Pastor Lytell’s Welcome Video