I hesitate to comment on this subject because it is just so huge. Prayer that moves God is not memorized, categorized, defined, liturgized, or read. It is the unction of a believer to God. It is a Holy moaning of the inner soul. It is encrypted to be understood only by one's Savior. Without prayer, our soul dries up and shrivels. With prayer, new freshness, life, and vitality enters and changes things, rewrites history, moves mountains.

Date Sermon Title Listen Watch
Nov. 21, 2021 God's Kingdom Moves, Matthew 21:43 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN    WATCH
Nov. 17, 2021 Learning To Pray, Isaiah 38:1-2 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN WATCH
Oct. 27, 2021 Paul's Personal Prayer Requests, Ephesians 6:18-20 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN    WATCH
June 13, 2021 The Preeminence Of Prayer In The Life Of Jesus, Luke 3:21 (Harold Vaughn (Evangelist)) LISTEN WATCH
June 9, 2021 The Model Prayer, Matthew 6:9-13 (Harold Vaughn (Evangelist)) LISTEN WATCH
Nov. 18, 2020 Prayers Protocol, Psalms 100 (Evangelist Harold Vaughn) LISTEN WATCH
Nov. 15, 2020 How To Resurrect The Prayer Meeting, Ephesians 3:14-26 (Evangelist Harold Vaughn) LISTEN WATCH
Dec. 8, 2019 Who Should We Pray To? John 14:13-14 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN WATCH
May 20, 2018 Continue in Prayer, Colossians 3:23-25 (Missionary Steve Ludwig) LISTEN WATCH
Dec. 6, 2015 Praying For People With Free Will, I Cor. 5:6 (Evangelist Jim VanGelderen) LISTEN WATCH
Oct. 19, 2014 Two Things That Moved Jesus To Answer A Heathen's Prayer, Luke 7:1-10 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN WATCH
Sept. 29, 2013 You Want Answered Prayer? Here's How Isaiah 58:1-14 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN