12 Sermons To knock your socks off

In a preacher’s whole life of preaching, God shows up in a very special way every once in a while. Just as diamonds are valuable because they are rare, so are these 12 sermons. The rarity of the Spirit’s organization and expression through these messages stands them above the thousands preached by this same preacher. I know, I am that preacher. With over 40 years of preaching and seeking God’s face, one can tell when God shows up. Oh, we preach the Word of God and all of it is good, but not all is equal in it’s expression. The preacher D.L. Moody has his, C.H. Spurgeon had his, Bob Jones Sr. had his, Jack Hyles had his. These are some of mine preached in the 90’s under God’s power. Give them a listen as see if you do not agree…“God came”.

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Date Sermon Title Listen
Feb. 2, 1997 I Have Come From Lodebar LISTEN
Oct. 15, 1995 Miracle Space LISTEN
Sept. 29,1996 Planting Trees Other People Will Sit Under LISTEN
Oct. 16, 1994 The God of the Present LISTEN
Apr. 11, 1993 The Greatest LISTEN
Dec. 18, 1994 The Ripple Effect LISTEN
July 21, 1996 Use Your Pain LISTEN
Aug. 3, 1997 Vaccinated Against Truth LISTEN
June 19, 1994 Wall Builder/Bridge Builder LISTEN
Oct. 20, 1996 Which Hat Will You Wear? LISTEN
Sept. 26, 1993 Will You Die With Us? LISTEN
June 30, 1996 Will You Sell Your Birthright for a Mess of Pottage? LISTEN